How to Choose Outdoor Advertising LCD Display

Outdoor advertising LCD displays are basically customized, depending on the local situation on the ground to use the machine, the program to the customer, and 80% is a liar if some manufacturers do not ask you anything. Take a look at what are the components of the outdoor advertising LCD display.

1. Outdoor bright screen 2. 3. waterproof housing system 4. Cooling system 5. moisture condensation prevention system according to anti-theft system damage 7. natural disaster prevention.

Start with the beginning of outdoor bright screen, the original screen is generally not up to the outdoor brightness requirements. Samsung to achieve maximum brightness of 1500 brightness, super expensive. Domestic general approach can be achieved by two means, one is outdoor optical bonding technology, one is to change the backlight.

The general thickness of the housing outdoor advertising certainly more than 20cm (except small size), the housing is not so simple as indoor machine, it can easily come out of the whole. Outdoor advertising which put more things. Temperature control equipment, anti-condensation equipment, lightning protection equipment, waterproof, dust, air duct, anti-typhoon, earthquake, industrial areas should also be considered anti-acid rain corrosion. These should be reflected in the housing design.

Cooling general use in the field to see the brightness of the environment and outdoor advertising decisions, the general brightness of 1500 can be air-cooled, but not as good as the 2000 outdoor viewing brightness.

Waterproof shell design generally reflects the outside coated with waterproof paint, the installation of a waterproof Taiwan. Anti-acid rain, do it in addition with a special paint. Waterproof easy, moisture is not easy.

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