Dual-screen All-in-one Digital Signage Kiosk

Dual-screen All-in-one Digital Signage Kiosk

Multi-functional all in one digital signage kiosk LM55-DSA differs from the common digital signage kiosk by gathering both interactive information service and advertising display functions and integrations. The display area consists of two different size LCD panels, support touch inquiry and ads display can be performed simultaneously, independently each other.


Main features of all in one digital signage kiosk L&M55-DSA

Integrated LCD, infrared touch screen (other touch screen optional) and computer system, to achieve the integration of high-definition interactive display;

Streamlined design, satin aluminum alloy material, beautiful and stylish;

Self-interactive information service function

We integrated the self-interactive information service function based on latest Android Operating System. The 55 inch LCD display area runs the latest android operating system, sensitive USB multi-touch screen, totally self-interactive function, adopt standard PC configuration, stable and runs smoothly, Built-in wireless network function module make easy and convenient to surf the Internet, browse and scan webs and inquire information.

Advertising display function

The basic multimedia advertising display job is done by the 32 inch LCD display part, built-in media player, independently runs display function, support high definition up to 1920 x 1080P(full HD), LED backlit, 500-nit high brightness, standard 16:9 Aspect Ratio, mat

Auto start when plug on the power, support auto-replay function

Definite time for each day (setting five periods per day) or week (setting for 7 days), actually 24 hours auto-play without anybody management

Support various formats: MP2, MP3, MP4, JPG, MPEG1/2/4 and AVI, VOB, VCD, DVD, SVCD

Support memory cards: SD/CF Card and USB disc

Can upload data from a USB 2. 0 Connector to internal SD/CF Card, easy to update, rename, delete and create program files

The player can remember the program playing condition and continues to play on the breakpoint when the power is on

It supports multi-country languages, Chinese, English and Russian, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Latin, Swedish, Danish, Portugal etc.

Support display time or not on the screen during display advertisements as you need

Support display your logo like the corner mark to enhance your brand

Support perpetual calendar & alarm

The daily files will auto-create in the memory cards, easy to check the played programs on your PC by TXT file

Locking system for anti-theft, to protect both the memory cards and the whole player

Can add more buttons with different functions as you like

Where to use

This all in one digital signage kiosk can be used in many different places, hospitals, clinics, governments, banks, shopping mall, chain stores, airport, supermarkets, hotels, lobby, building office, etc.

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