What Is Digital Signage?

What is a Digital Signage? Multimedia information system ? Digital Signage System?

Digital signage, which users can employ a variety of methods for public display or publish multimedia public information on the TV content. Commonly known as network advertising . Also called network multimedia information system.

We will see some of the plasma, LCD, LED while usually sitting in the train, subway, bus, in airports, supermarkets, hotels, or when the line at the bank, on the big screen playing a video ad, while some also have a dynamic subtitles Show news or presentation, etc., and even some will play page, FLASH, exchange rates, etc. these are part of the digital signage application areas, of course, as long as you think, as long as the content is legal by the relevant departments for approval after, can be posted on the digital signage display, so that the public was informed .

Multimedia information is not limited to a simple video media player, broadly, it should support any form of media, such as web html information, Flash animations, Java applets, and JSP, ASP, BMP, JPG, MPEG1/2/4 AVI VOB and so on . Because customer demand is nothing is there, therefore, a simple video player system does not meet the expanding needs of users . While replacing the old media content through staffing system, such as for DVD disk, CF card system and can not be called digital signage system.


Generally, a digital signage system should include the following modules:

1 ) Different user rights management terminal display device for use and dominance is somewhat different .

2 ) Element ( media content ) management, through this function, the user can add, modify, delete elements.

3 ) Download or streaming media management, through this function, the user can add, modify, delete files or streaming media download or real-time playback.

4 ) Playlist management, through this function, user-defined time sequence, and playback of media player and so on appointment .

5 ) Play terminal management, through this feature, users can manage online advertising machine terminals play, stop, pause, adjust volume, ip address, timer switch machine time, video layout, page layout, or other media player layout, etc., and should dynamically variable .

6 ) Play the terminal status display, the terminal should be able to know they can play online ( Internet advertising ) playback status, disk information, the playback order, download the circumstances.

The above is a brief description of the digital signage system should have the function of different user needs is not the same, and therefore can not clearly describe the features eleven . Also, because the digital signage player terminal usually placed outdoors or in public places, therefore, particularly important for the stability of the system terminals are generally embedded systems architecture that efficient and stable, and the cost is low, so as to be most users accepted.

Applications typically include: banks, hotels, railway stations, bus, taxi, train stations, subways, airports, supermarkets, department stores, Business Hall, Unicom, telecom business, hospitals, stock exchanges, stock exchanges, etc. .

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