LCD Advertising Player

What is all in one advertising player? All in one advertising player refers to the player terminal that integrated the display device and the player to, well, actully all in one advertising player that there is an built-in media player inside.

All in one LCD advertising player is a media displayer that is mainly used for commercial purposes, broadcast media advertising. Advertising is the use of standard LCD monitors, LCD TV, through networking and multimedia system control means to achieve information display and video advertising a new generation of smart devices.

The main achievement of building advertising player / outdoor LCD advertising: refers to commercial buildings, stores, supermarkets, schools and other channels to the LCD screen or LCD screen in the form of commercial terminal advertising system to broadcast television advertising and other programs as a means of expression.

Including eight major channels: commercial buildings, stores, supermarkets, air terminal, hospital pharmacies, large outdoor LCD, bus rental, school campus, the train station, the other channels.

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