Gas Station Pump TV

Gas Station Pump TV

Did you ever notice that people spend an average of 5-7 minutes at the gas station every time they drive in for a refuelling? Now, these are 5-7 minutes during which they cannot use their cell phones or walk away. So in essence, they are absolutely free and undistracted to pay attention to your advertisement.

Gas station digital advertising is the next big thing in the world of advertising. You have a target audience that can watch your ad on eye level and listen to everything you’re trying to say through the ad. And since all these people are driving and on-the-go, there are a number of things you already know about your audience. For instance, you know that 50% of those leaving the gas station will stop by a food joint on the way, at least half of the people will visit the convenience store and a large section of these drivers are already looking to renew or upgrade their auto insurance. These bits of knowledge allow you to carefully target your captive audience and nudge them to try out your products or services as soon as they leave the gas stations. You can be assured of much higher sales and conversions with gas station pump TV advertising.

There are many areas and spots at a gas station to exploit. Gas pump tops, LED displays on gas stations, billboards and convenience stores– in gas stations– are all focal points of a visitor’s attention. Placing your ad on one of these platforms gives a great jumpstart to your advertising campaign. And yet, just about 1% retailers have adopted this platform so far. Hence, the opportunity here is vast.

Stations Media helps you advertise your business on a local vs. national level. This helps you make the best of such an incredible opportunity. In addition, we produce custom made videos, white board animation and motion graphics to give you the edge on mobile and digital media advertising. So download our app today and tap into the vast potential of gas station digital advertising.

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