interactive touch screen kiosk|all in one touch kiosk

Multi-touch kiosk is to simplify people's actions on the computer generated. It is the largest application areas is public information inquiries, people click a computer screen corresponding information can be obtained through. It makes the operation of the computer completely locked on the computer screen, no keyboard and mouse, safe and reliable, will affected system's running because of the user's operation. Touch screen kiosk is mostly used for self-help information service, KTV song machine(VOD system), bank terminal, self-service ticketing terminal, etc. Self-service kiosk can do a lot of things, greeting, wayfinding, printing, data collection, but it also could be designed for advertising and promotion.

Multi-touch screen kiosk
Touch screen all in one kiosk consists of the touch screen, LCD screen, industrial pc unit (commonly known as the host) and one machine casing perfect combination, ultimately through a power line can be achieved touch operation of the machine, known as touch one.

Multi-touch (MultiTouch) technology refers simultaneously to allow computer users to control graphical interface through a technique of multiple fingers. And multi-touch technology, of course, is the corresponding single-touch, single-touch devices has been a lot of years, and the small size of the touch phones, the most common is the large size of the bank's ATM machine and queuing kiosk. Multi-touch device is a touch device (for example: a computer monitor, a table, a wall), or the composition of the touch panel, and sent by the software to identify the touch point behavior. This common market touch screen (for example: computer touchpad, ATM bank teller machine) is different from a few years ago the common touch screen only able to identify a single or dual point touch technology can now reach 4 points, 6 points, 12 points, 32 points and even more points!

Basic functions overview:

Adjustable base

Multi-touch, up to 36-point touch

Professionally designed 30 ° -90 °, great elevation, adjustable, specific base, allowing users to adjust the most suitable angle. Resistive, capacitive, infrared, optical, acoustic wave touch screen, accurate positioning

Touch -free drift, auto- correction, can be precise operation

Operated by finger, soft touch pen

High-density distribution touch points: over 10,000 touch points in each square inch

High definition. Less demanding on the environment, and high sensitivity. Suitable for a variety of environments

With over one million hits lifetime high performance resistors, capacitors, infrared touch screen without using the mouse and keyboard, just gently with your finger across the screen or click on the computer all operations can be achieved, so that the computer easier to use. Touch the biggest innovation is its use of a computer is a multi-touch technology has completely changed the way people interact with computers.

all-in-one touch kiosk


Banks and other financial institutions (Business Chamber services, promotion)

Telecommunications (Business Chamber business information, experience Chamber business promotion)

Government agencies (public information dissemination, government affairs)

Mall (shopping guidance, business and commercial information, advertising, promotion)

Fashion goods flagship stores, specialty shops (New Products)

Company reception or conference room (company presentations, exhibits show)

Exhibition venue design (active venue)

Auto 4S shops (car show)

Furniture and fashion stores (Products)

Cinema (movie trailers appreciation)

Real estate sales hall, estate agency chain window (size and visual effects show)

Office and apartment hall (ad)

Catering industry, retail industry

Multimedia teaching

interactive touch screen kiosk

Shenzhen L&M offers flexible and responsive multi-touch screen kiosk solution, focus on supplying multi-touch screen kiosk, touch screen LCD panels, interactive touch screen kiosk, all in one PC kiosk, and we will provide tailor-made services for you based on your demands, size range, appearance, be pleasure to offer you suggestion if you are not sure about it! Below are the multi-touch all in one kiosk specification choices!


Brand TFT LCD panel, LED backlit

Size range(Suggestion size, based on requirements)

















Maximum resolution: 1920*1080


Customizable case material, base and color

Touch point

One, two, up to 36-point touch

All in one PC

Standard PC Configuration below:

Main board: Intel G41

CPU: 3.0 GHz dual core

Memory: DDR-III 2G


1GB independent graphics card


Windows, Android

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