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Shenzhen L&M electronic technology Co., Ltd is located in Shenzhen, China since 2004. We are major in making a wide range of indoor and outdoor digital signage, including LCD digital signage, LCD AD player, advertising player, advertising LCD display, LCD commercial monitors, LCD signs, information kiosks, touch LCD displays, especially made breakthroughs on no-glasses 3D LCD display, gas station pump advertising LCD display and electric mirror(mirror built-in multimedia).

LCD ad player salesnetwork
Shenzhen L&M electronic technology Co., Ltd. has built strong partner relationships with many companies in order to bring the right solution to the right place at the right time for the customers. Shenzhen L&M made its sales network of digital signage products cover all around the world, Asia, Europe, Australia, Antarctica, Africa, South and North America,etc. Welcome you to join our fast growing customers group.
Shenzhen L&M digital display and LCD advertising display solution and application

Shenzhen L&M offers digital signage customizable service, wide range application, advertising, promotion, education,
information publicity, etc, screen size ranges from 7inch to 84inch, elegant style, we can design as you need.
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Shenzhen L&M Electronic offers high-quality professional commercial-grade digital video wall solutions, ideal for information display and command & control applications, ultra-narrow border design, bilateral patchwork of up 22mm and low 5.3mm.
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Flexible and responsive multi-touch screen kiosk solution, application covers telecommunications, government agencies,
mall, fashion goods flagship stores, specialty shops, cinema, catering industry, multimedia teaching, reach 4 points,
6 points, 12 points, 32 points and even more points! Click to know more about touch screen kiosk service.

Outdoor using advertising player, dual-screen special design for gas station advertising display jobs, features on powerful weatherproof capability and high visibility in bright sunlight, 1000 NIT to 3000 NIT brightness.
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Specialized in manufacturing electric mirror, mostly can be used in bathroom or washroom, fashion stores, clothes
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Digital signage has been popular in catering industry, fast-food service, and drinks service is too, especially in bars, the wine and beer banners are everywhere, because the LCD digital sign is a relatively low-cost advertising method in a certain range.
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