Battery powered LCD displayer customizable service

There's a panel size limitation in advertising LCD video monitor with battery, common panel size ranges from 7 inch to 11.6 inch, because the larger LCD panel size means more consumption, the same situation as the tablet PC being confront with. Advertising LCD video monitor with battery is popular used in POS, super markets, retail stores, shopping trolley and goods shelf.

Basic functions overview:

Support marquee

Support audio and video frequency input

Support AD automatic insertion

Support for images, videos, subtitles Mixture function

Support picture + music playback mode

Calendar, week, day timer mode, support for 5 day time switch

Sharing the volume, you can set the volume at different times every five

Support U disk update the program

Support CF card, SD card, USB flash disk, SATA hard disk broadcast

Support settings menu password protection and management

Support RM / RMVB, H.264, MKV, AVI, TS, TRP, MPEG2, MPEG1, MPEG4, VOB, MP3, DIVX, etc. file playback

Support hanging corner station logo

Support U disk update the program

Support broadcast logs

Support the expansion of SATA hard disk interface, play massive television programs

Support the stops automatically muted

Support the expansion touch screen interface

Battery powered LCD video monitor used in shopping tolley

Shenzhen L&M offers flexible and responsive advertisng LCD display wth battery solution, focus on supplying advertising LCD display with battery and we will provide tailor-made services for you based on your demands, size range, appearance, be pleasure to offer you suggestion if you are not sure about it! Below are the advertising LCD video monitor with battery specification choices!


Brand LCD panel, LED backlit,TFT LCD

Size range

7 inch to 12.1 inch(Suggestion size, based on requirements)




Goods shelf or wall mount,customizale case material and color

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