dual-screen digital signage customizable service

Kinds of dual-screen digital signage kiosks, multi-fuctional economical all-in-one solution – no need for a DVD player, click to see more dual-screen digital signage models >>

Optional stand-alone version

Using high-definition video processing chip, updated high-definition video, pictures, captions and other functions through the u disk

Dual display up and down

Advertising screen above is a cross-screen display, the following screen is vertical screen display. Customers can follow different purposes, each player fit screen broadcast of content, such as the above video, play pictures below.


Advertising media industry

Exhibition, brand promotion

Hotels, restaurants, leisure and entertainment, cinemas, parks

Commercial retail (supermarkets, chain stores)

double sided LCD digital signage

Shenzhen L&M offers flexible and responsive dual-screen LCD digital signage advertising solution, focus on supplying dual-screen LCD digital signage and we will provide tailor-made services for you based on your demands, size range, appearance, be pleasure to offer you suggestion if you are not sure about it!

LCD size range

LCD size ranges from 10inch to 32inch

Border frame

Optional border frame

Dual-screen LCD digital signage

Dual-screen LCD digital signage special used for gas station digital advertising and information display jobs, powerful weatherproof capability and high visibility in bright sunlight, the LED backlit LCD panel high brightness up to 1000 NIT. More info >>

Dual screen LCD digital signage

Vertical and horizontal screen two-in-one dual-screen LCD digital signage, adopt both 42inch LCD panels, full HD, maximum resolution:1920x1080. More info >>

Dual screen LCD digital signage

Multi-functional dual-screen LCD digital signage kiosk, 55inch vertical screen LCD display and 32 inch horizontal LCD display two in one; 55inch display part is based on android system, built in PC, plus multi-touch function for interactive service job; the 32inch LCD display part used for doing the digital advertising job. More info >>

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